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NELMA’s Eastern White Pine grade rules define the limiting characteristics (knots, holes, splits, etc.) allowed in each grade (quality level). While the rules describe the poorest piece permitted within a grade, it is unlikely the maximum size or number of these characteristics would be present in any board.

Premium Grade

premium grade photo

Image courtesy of NELMA.

Grade Description

Premium grade is a good appearance knotty grade used in the same applications as Finish where larger and more numerous characteristics are desired.

The reverse face of Premium shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material. This grade allows generally sound and tight knots ranging from 2" red knots and 3⁄4" black knots on a 4" board to 3 3⁄4" red knots and 1 1⁄2" black knots on a 12" or wider board. Black knots of maximum size are limited to one in pieces 6' through 9' and two in 10' and longer or equivalent smaller. A 12" board allows one knot hole up to 1" in diameter and proportionately smaller knot holes for narrower widths. Checks will be no longer than 10". Pockets are small but well scattered. Shake is light. Splits will not exceed the width of the board. When present, pitch is slightly more evident in this grade than in the Finish grade. Medium stain (blue or coffee) is permissible full face. Wane is limited to the back face. Skip on the reverse face or one edge is allowed in not more than 20% of the pieces. Seams are permitted partially surrounding a red knot.

NeLMA Fact Sheet

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