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NELMA’s Eastern White Pine grade rules define the limiting characteristics (knots, holes, splits, etc.) allowed in each grade (quality level). While the rules describe the poorest piece permitted within a grade, it is unlikely the maximum size or number of these characteristics would be present in any board.

D & Better Select Grade

d & better select grade photo

Image courtesy of NELMA.

Grade Description

D & Better Select is a combination of the top two Eastern White Pine grades, C Select and D Select. Material of this high-quality grade combination is used for natural or stained finish applications, fine woodworking, or interior trim.

Although the reverse face of D Select shall permit sound characteristics typical of Standard grade material, C Select shall only permit the characteristics of D Select on the back. D Select, which is the lower of the two grades, allows pin knots (maximum size is approximately 1⁄2") and limits the total number of pin knots to one knot per surface foot. Checks and shake are barely perceptible. The occasional pocket is very small. A split will not exceed 1⁄2 the width. Pitch, when present, is evident, but limited by surface area of the piece. Medium stain (blue or coffee) cannot exceed 3⁄4 of the face surface area in a clear board, and less if present with other limiting characteristics. A larger surface area is allowable if the stain is light. Skip is permissible on the back face or one edge of 20% of the pieces. Wane is limited to the back face. Occasional pieces may require a cut to yield all usable lumber for finish work (loss not to exceed approximately 5%). Characteristics in C Select are no larger and less numerous than those same characteristics in D Select.

NeLMA Fact Sheet

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