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Robbins Pre-Finished


Eastern White Pine

Prefinished Collection

Superior Quality with Pre-Finished Beauty



Our pre-coating process provides superior dimensional stability for wood.  Our process ensures that your product is coated with the exact same amount of coating from start to finish, leaving you with an unsurpassed uniform finish that most would have to touch to believe.

  • A factory finish provides a sealed and stabilized product.

  • Product is hand inspected prior to packaging to minimize waste.

  • Product is ready to install, in the same manner as typical wood products.

  • No sanding or extra handling, reducing installation time.

  • Avoid sub-contractor scheduling, job clean up, drips, spills, empty paint cans, brushes, and staging.

  • Pre-coated product does not leave behind the odors of conventional painting.

  • Keeps product clean and protects from dirt and finger prints.  Just wipe with a rag and watch it come off.


The antique finish is a designer's dream, instantly giving your space an immaculate aged look. This versatile finish gives the wood depth and warmth with a modern touch and perfectly complements almost any decor.


The warm glow of the honey pine gives the wood a cozy glow. The subtle finish provides the pine with a richness and a honey-toned hue that coordinates beautifully with most homes.


Robbins' gold standard finish! A carefully designed stain that fully permeates the grain to create great depth and amazing definition. Welcome to the most eclectic and visually striking smooth product offered by Robbins Pre-Finished!


This timeless finish showcases the true beauty of pine. With a nearly impossible-to-spot coating, the grain and knots of the wood are beautifully showcased. The lasting, low sheen finish goes perfectly with any home decor.


A modern twist on the classic pine. The clean, bright appearance is sure to be a show stopper in any room. This product completely embellishes the flowing colors of pine and ages into something that will be aesthetically pleasing for decades to come.


This finish beautifully captures the distressed and weathered look of reclaimed barn board without the cost and hassle. Designed to look and feel like a piece of history, this finish brings whimsey to any space.


Needing something with a little more character and contrast all while maintaining that classic rustic look? Your answer is the Weathered Wood. With its rich color that flows with the grain for a stunning visual effect, you are sure to enjoy this finish for years to come.


This finish is casual, laid back, and polished with a perfect mix of white and natural wood that enhances with age. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, the white barn board will make a wonderful addition.


Inspired by Tradition

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

Designed with Technology

Ultraviolet coating technology

See how our pre-coating process has been streamlined with ultraviolet coating technology from our partners at Cefla.  Production output, finish quality, and material handling have all been improved.

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