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Honey Pine

Pre-coated Products: Finished

The Honey Pine line is composed of two coats of furniture grade lacquer. The coating is pigmented to give the wood an amazing honeyed look, while holding onto the beauty of a typical clear coat. This coating contains UV inhibiters to help prevent the product from aging.

Honey Pine


Our pre-coating process provides superior dimensional stability for wood. This drastically reduces the amount of shrinking on the wood. Our process ensures that your product is coated with the exact same amount of coating from start to finish. This leaves you with an unsurpassed uniform coating that most would have to touch to believe.

Benefits of Coated Lumber

  • Pre-finishing provides superior dimensional stability because the product is coated on all four sides.  A field coated product is not sealed and is less stable.

  • The coating is applied with a consistent amount yielding a professional finish.

  • The product is hand inspected prior to packaging to minimize waste resulting in greater lumber recovery.

  • The product is ready to install in the same manner as typical wood products.

  • Installation time is reduced because there is no sanding and no extra handling.

  • Avoid job clean up, drips, spills, empty paint cans, brushes, and staging.

  • Eliminates the hassle of sub-contractor scheduling and quality control.

  • A pre-coated product doesn't give off the same odors and fumes of conventionally painted products.

  • The product remains clean and is protected from dirt and fingerprints.  Just wipe with a rag and watch it all come off.

  • Instant curb appeal to your customer.

  • for an 

  • See the Coatings Cost Comparison for an example of the cost savings.

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