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Application of Exterior Wood Finishes

Proper surface preperation is absolutely essential for the good performances of paint.

The correct application of a coating to a wood surface is as important for durability and good performance as selecting the appropriate finish. All finishes are either brushed, rolled, sprayed or applied by dipping. The application technique used, the quality and quanity of finished applied, the surface condition of the subtrate and the weather conditions existing at the time of application can substantially affect the life expectancy of the finish. For optimum performance, manufactures' directions should always be read and followed.

CAUTION: Sponges or cloths that are wet with oil-based stain are particularly susceptible to spontaneous combustion. To prevent fires, bury the cloths, immerse in water, or seal in an airtight container immediately after use. New formulations are being developed that may have some penetrating characteristics.

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