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Installing Pine Floors

We recommend that the pine flooring acclimate to inside your house for 7 to 10 days minimum prior to any installation. ...

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Siding Installation

Wood shrinks and swells with change in moisture content. To minimize dimensional
change after installation, install siding at a moisture content that matches with local
climate as closely as possible. If climate in a particular region causes wood to maintain
8% to 13% moisture content annually, then the most ideal siding would be installed at a
moisture content within that range, and the material would be stored, stickered and
protected for a week ...

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Proper surface preperation is absolutely essential for the good performances of paint....

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Eastern White Pine

The Maine woods, its soils, weather and terrain are ideal habitat for Eastern white pine. When sawed and milled, this lumber is considered among the best timber for either exterior or interior applications. This soft, stable wood resists warping, is one of the least resinous of all pines, and has a beautiful red-knotted appearance. Easy to handle due to being light weight, it is also excellent for stain, paint and lacquer finishes....

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