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Channel Rustic

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A vertical siding, machine cut to give the appearance of a board and batten finish. This product has a rough surface which removes sticker marks, sun bleaching and other handling defects, giving the wood a fresh clean look. Also available in a rough sawn finish. Has the same appearance as T1-11 plywood siding.

Has a 1/2 inch lap and 1 1/4 inch channel when installed. May be applied horizontally or vertically. For widths 8" and over use 2 nails 3 - 4 inches apart. Stainless steel ring shank nails or screws are recommended.

Commonly done in standard and premium grade, available in all grades.

This product is normally produced at an actual thickness of 23/32". Available thicker upon request. A 7/8" thickness may have some skip dressing on the back.

Widths: 6" through 12".

Lengths: Random 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'

Available as a precoated product (all four sides) for superior dimensional stability.

1/2 inch Channel Rustic Specification
7/8 inch Channel Rustic Specification